Terry Calvani (Nashville, TN & Marin County, CA, USA)

Terry Calvani was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico in January 1947. He is the son of the late Torello H. Calvani and Mary Virginia Hawkins. See Family Tree. He was educated at the University of New Mexico and Cornell Law School. Terry has been a practicing lawyer, a university professor and a public official in both the U.S. and Irish governments. He has two children by his first wife Mary Anderson: Dominic Mario and Torello Howard. Dominic is married to Alaine Wallace and has three children, Mary Wallace, Sophia and Hayden. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is in private banking. Torello Howard is married to Rebecca Carr and lives in New York where he practices law. Their son Torello Alexander (“Alex”) was born on October 22, 2007. Terry Calvani is married to Sarah Sage Holter Calvani. Sarah has two children by a previous marriage to Timothy Hill. Benjamin Douglas “Doug” Hill and his wife Carolyn Jaeger live in Berlin, Germany, where Carolyn is a graphic designer; his sister Elizabeth Sage “Liz” Hill and her husband Dennis Budd and his two children Emma and Oliver live in San Francisco where Dennis is an architect and Liz works as an environmental consultant. Terry and Sarah reside in Nashville, Tennessee, and also have a home in Marin County, California. Terry retired from the law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer US LLP , where he practiced international competition law, in April 2019. He currently has a limited antitrust practice and serves as a consultant to others. A biography appears at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Calvani.

Older Family Photos

Since there is a great deal about my father’s family on this website, let me say something about my Mother’s.  My father Torello Howard Calvani married Mary Virginia Hawkins on Nov. 5, 1939. Mother was the daughter of Henry Hawkins from Culpeper Virginia and Bertha Gastineau. I am afraid that I don’t know very much about either. When I was in high school I visited distant relatives of my mother who then resided in Arlington, Virginia. One evening they held a small Hawkins family reunion for me.  I regret that I did not take notes, nor did I try to learn much from my mother and uncles when they were alive.

Mr. Hawkins was a foreman (“tool pusher”) on an early oil “sputter” drilling rig in the Permian Basin of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. He died when my mother was four, and my grandmother later married Fred West who became my mother’s step-father and my grandfather. Mr. West came by covered wagon to New Mexico and worked in a furniture store in Eddy, New Mexico (ultimately named Carlsbad). In those days, furniture stores were the early days were also the mortuaries. Ultimately he became a funeral director and owned a mortuary in Carlsbad, New Mexico. West was a Captain in the New Mexico National Guard and served in France during the First World War.  For a brief history of the New Mexico National Guard participation in the Mexican Punitive Expedition (the Francisco “Pancho” Villa Expedition) and the First World War, see CABQ. For a description of Mr. West’s unit in both Mexico and France, see http://www.nmgs.org/artNM-WWI.htm. For mention of Mr. West’s own service, see Google Books Mother had two siblings: Henry Oscar Hawkins (“Oscar”) who was a career FBI agent in the early days of that agency. Rising in the ranks under Director J. Edgar Hoover, Oscar served as Special Agent in Charge of the Mobile, Cleveland, Houston and Albuquerque field offices.  Oscar and his wife Lagatha had two children:  Carl and Terry Anne.  Both married and live in Ingram, Texas, where Carl and his sons operate a summer camp and Terry Anne and her husband have a restaurant.  My uncle Carl Hawkins worked in the family mortuary ultimately leaving that business to become a deputy sheriff in Eddy County, New Mexico.  Subsequently he was elected Eddy Country Sheriff for two terms, and then served as the Chief of Police of Carlsbad until his retirement. 

Picking up where the Family History (citation) leaves off, my father, anticipating the advent of war, enrolled in a government sponsored program to train pilots.  When the United States entered the war, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps as a staff sergeant and went almost immediately to flight school.  Upon graduation, he was a Flight Officer and flew fixed wing aircraft, principally C47’s, during the war.  But the most interesting aspect of his service as a glider pilot during three operations:  Normandy, Holland and Operation Market Garden.  One of the pictures below was taken in Normandy.  The story of their flight into Normandy prior to the actual invasion is one of genuine heroism, and is captured to some extent by a report written by another pilot.  See http://www.71stsos.com/normandygeobuckley.html which mentions my father.  See also the report on Operation Market Garden http://www.71stsos.com/marketgarden.html

After the war, my father returned to Carlsbad and opened a floor covering store from he sold and installed carpet, linoleum and tile.  He operated the store until his retirement and my brother Michael operates it today.  My brother Robert is an architect and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  My brother families are reflected on the Family Tree, and there is a link to Robert’s architectural firm on the Links tab.