Other Information

Provided by Calvani’s who have contacted us.

Are We the Same Family?

The crest was provided by Marco P. Calvani, who was born on Jersey (in the English Channel) and who currently lives in the U.S. His father was Guiseppe Calvani is from Nettuno. The crest is that of their family who believe the eagle on the crest symbolizes the Roman Empire and that it was conferred by virtue of some service in or to the Swiss Guards.

Counts of Calvani?

Dr. Alessandro Calvani brings to our attention his investigations of the Counts of Calvani He found credible stories on the origin of the surname from Galwayne, a British Knight of the King Arthur’s Round Table and on the first noble Calvani (Counts) family who changed the latinized surname Galvani into Calvani in the 16th century in Bologna. He also calls to our attention a series of three romance novels by the English writer Lucy Gordon on the Counts of Calvani