Other Calvani Families

(that have contacted this site. Perhaps the brief information set forth below may provide some information relevant to your own search for information about your family)

  • Alesandro (Sandro) Calvani (Genoa, Italy; currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand). Sandro’s grandfather Costantino died in 1919 as a consequence of injuries sustained in the First World War. His father Aldo died in 2006. His webpage is www.sandrocalvani.it; see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandro_Calvani for more information. His email address is alessandro.calvani@gmail.com.
  • Daniele Calvani (London, England). His grandfather immigrated from Italy to the United States circa 1905 from the area around Frosinone (near Roma). He is believed to have settled in New Jersey or Detroit, where he met other members of his family. He retuned to Italy in the 1940’s Daniele’s email address is dc@xsmail.com
  • Jérôme Calvani ( born in Meria, Corsica, France; currently residing in Saumur ). His great grandfather, also named Jérôme Calvani immigrated from Genoa. His email address is jerome.calvani@wanadoo.fr
  • Marcus P. Calvani (born on Isle of Jersey; currently living in Orlando, Florida). His father Giuseppe Calvani was born in Nettuno and later immigrated to the Isle of Jersey. He was the son of Antonio Calvani. Marcus’ email address is marcuscalvani@gmail.com. The coat of arms that was featured on the home page of this website was provided by Marcus.
  • Michael Calvani (Branchburg, N.J.) Michael’s grandfather, Arturo Calvani, (b. circa 1880, immigrated from Italy to the U.S. from Cireglio, near Pistoia. Michael has been unable to learn other details of his grandfather’s immigration. His grandmother, Emma Paci, also from the Pistoia region, came to the U.S. with their eldest son Alberto on November 5, 1912. She joined her husband and other members of her family in Pittstown, Pa. His email is mfdmc@comcast.net. The fact that Michael’s grandparents are from Pistoia environs suggests a familial connection with our Calvani family. To date we have been unable to make the connection, but work is underway.
  • Natalia Tranchida (Santa Fe Province, Argentina). Natalia’s great grandfather immigrated to Santa Fe Province, Argentina from Italy probably sometime before 1900. His son, Natalia’s grandfather, was named Enrique Calvani. Together with his wife Enriqueta Favi (unsure as to the last name), he lived Firmat, Santa Fe Province. Natalia recalls that her family were called “Marquellanos,” a name given in Argentina for people “de Le Marche, en Italia.”